Street Food and Tunes: Xmas Edition 2014

deBόp is an online city guide publishing a weekly agenda of the most interesting cultural events.

Street Food and Tunes is the scaled down Athenian take on large food markets found abroad. It is a feast around a “huge table” with a focus on the food and socialisation that derives from the event.

It puts Athens’ multicultural background to good use, and invites people to meet the “new Athenians” through the music and  cuisine of their respective countries.

Since December 2013 deBόp has “traveled” to multiple destinations worldwide, and  tasted new flavors and suggests new gastronomic trends, through a widely acclaimed event, both by Athenian audience and food specialists (chefs, cooks, food bloggers) operating in town.

After the 14 Street Food and Tunes events of 2014, I was asked to redesign their identity, in light of a new series of events in a new venue.

The new identity had to be flexible so that it could be adopted to each event’s distinctive properties and while at the same time exuding a comprehensive image.

The materials amount to posters, flyers, menus, coupons and banners. For the new identity I used pastel colorations, “street food and tunes” surrounds elements reminiscent of cantinas and street food vendors and is surrounded by elements matching each different city or country with according colorations.

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